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Review - BOSS Bacnet Explorer
Boss Explorer is a free bacnet browser tool however bizarrely you have to register it and then get sent an activation file to be able to use it.

If allows reading and writing to points as well as modifying a range of properties such as min & max values & out of service etc

I particularly like how you can select to monitor any point across all controllers on you network and then have the values displayed in a side window, which can show all monitored point of the network or filtered down to show those on just one device.

It seems to offer the ability to set weekly schedules and exception schedules although I haven’t used this function.

[Image: ai_point_monitor.jpg]
Adding AI Point to monitoring list

[Image: time_schedule.jpg]
Altering bacnet time schedule

[Image: explore_ai.jpg]
Exploring properties of an AI point


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