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Review - BacMove Bacnet Explorer
BacMove is a really usefully tool for working on Bacnet systems.
It will run on an android phone or tablet, I have put it on my tablet, and find it really useful for pre-commissioning systems.
I just plug in a wireless router to the local network, pop my nexus tablet in a rugged case and can take it with me round the plantroom or floor when checking all the field devices, saves carrying around a laptop all the time & reduces the amount of trips back and forth to the local MCC.

It sends a who is to find all devices on the network and then lists all the available bacnet points on the device you select.
It can read and write to IO points with ease, however it does lack some functionality such as being able to put points out of service and has no facility for setting time schedules so it is in no way a replacement of a good bacnet browser but does all the required tasks in order to pre commission field devices saving considerable time, well worth the £8.99 it costs in the Google Play store.

[Image: bac-move1.jpg]
Indepth information on each point

[Image: bac-move2.jpg]
Browsing available points

[Image: bac-move3.jpg]
Writing to a point

Thank you for the review of BACmove, Dave.

We are glad to see our tool being used in the field. Posts like this are always welcome.

We took note of the lacking features that you pointed, for future development.


bacmove team

BACnet Explorer BACmove can be downloaded here


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