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Review - Yabe Bacnet Explorer
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Yabe is a completely free bacnet browser, unlike most others, with no annoying prompts to upgrade to a premium version or features that have been disabled.

On opening up you have to set up the network connection you are using, then it automatically detects all the bacnet devices on the network. After selecting the device you want to browse you will have to right click on it and select get properties name as they wont load by default.

There isnt a bad thing to say about Yabe, I have only used is on Bacnet IP but it also offers connection for Bacnet MSTP
If offers a good array of tools such as putting points out of service, checking alarm and reliability flags, changing descriptions, COV & min and max values as well as the basic reading and writing to points, editing of notification classes and time schedules.

You can download if from Sourceforge Here

[Image: yabe_time_schedule.jpg]
Time Scheduler Setting

[Image: yabe.jpg]

Overview while browsing Test Device, Points can be added to a central window for easy monitoring


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